Warriors adopts new play style of play



 The Ngong Warriors are adapting the philosophy of getting into the space with minimal collision. This philosophy goes to creating the space as well (encouraging hip reading as well as quicker contact to get the job done faster and efficiently).With this approach we envision a strong and intelligent player who based on his or her positional role adapts to this. We encompass an all-round player lethal on attack and defense and able to read the game based on the game-play situation as well as be a better decision maker by taking the best alternative In front of him.


Our pool of players has grown with the injection of players from the junior age grade as well as high school leavers. This brings a nice pool to bring into and expose to our philosophy and create the decision making abilities and identify their strengths and aid them make positional attempts based on them. We also have our seniors intact and now we need to choose both an expansive and contractive style of play. This means adopting the 2_4_2 in expansive play and 1_3_3_1 for contracting play. This dynamism will allow for creativity based on the game intelligence and aids the coach adapt to the game conditions. This will see positional awareness creation as well as how to quickly adapt back to a system based on the set piece available. It will require learning by the players of the positional awareness and roles.



 Resource wise we are a growing club and we do not have technical resources such as access to a scrum machines or equipment to aid in certain skills but we will innovate from what we have available to us. On the financial front we are yet to get a sponsor but we as management are hopeful of one and are working to try and get a main sponsor and other partnerships with various brands. We also are getting contribution from players and fans and we are in the process of having a financial database in order to ensure smooth transition to direct transfers to our bank accounts for senior contribution as well as timely and projected banking for the juniors who may not find direct transactions convenient. We are also to consolidate this so as to easily project our monthly targets and contributions and communication of the same to the team. It will aid in the ease of transparency and the dissemination of information


Our expectations is to create a formidable squad that could easily transition to both the national stage and international stage. We are banking on creating skills and bettering decision-making to create a player that can last longer in the game and adapt to any style of play that may be deemed fit to get the desired results. We expect a solid gameplay that will see, once stable, Ngong Warriors have a gameplay to easily compete at the top league (Kenya Cup) and a stability on the team and an age grade system for both boys and girls that would be an easy feeder to our age grade system national teams



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